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Hand Wash Cleaning and Preservation

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Hand Washing and Preservation

Keep your Precious Rugs Clean and Like New

Our marvelous handmade area rugs endure high traffic and still have low needs when it comes to maintenance. Not only will acquiring a Karimi Oriental Rug bring years of beauty to your home and business, it will also offer decades of use and comfort.

What most rug owners do not know is that regular care and protection of their rugs is vital to its lifespan. High traffic in any room can risk damage to the rug backing and the rug’s dyes, soil build up, and staining. Some of our beautiful and intricate pieces seem to stand the test of time, but having your rugs hand washed and preserved can make your rug more than just a decoration, but a family heirloom. Removing soil and debris without doing damage is not easily done from home, but bringing it to a professional is essential when preserving its appearance and value.

The team at Karimi Rugs still utilizes old-world methods for removing soil build-up and stains. The gentle process our craftsman go through to effectively clean rugs ensures that the rug comes out as clean as new without any damage at all. The professionals at Karimi Rugs use special cleansers and brushes to restore the face, backing, and fringe of rugs- and they do it all by hand! If you bring your rug in for cleaning, it will be safe- we even lay the rugs out on special drying racks to air dry them after they are cleaned so that they maintain their original size and shape.


We've had an oriental rug for many years and never had it cleaned. Finally, we saw an advertisement from Karimi with a discount. I checked Angie's list and Karimi had a good rating so we called them. Based on the size of the rug, we were given a price over the phone. I called one other place and got a higher bid so called Karimi back. Mr. Karimi came out himself to pick up the rug. He inspected it, told us its origin, its quality (which we did not know), and its value and showed us where the corners were fraying. He explained that the fraying would eventually destroy the carpet, and we could see how that would happen. He gave us a price for repairing it in addition to cleaning and a new pad.
Although we had not planned on spending that much money, we could see that it was necessary and agreed. The carpet was returned about a month later and is beautiful. The corners are repaired, the ragged fringes are even, and the colors are at least as vibrant as when we bought the rug. We're happy that we had this done and think that Karimi did exactly what was promised with excellent quality.
Michel Rogulski
Excellent service! Magnificent work! A true pleasure to deal with a REAL professional!
Amir (Karimi, the owner) came to our home to give us an estimate in-situ. Upon agreement on the price, he and his crew removed all rugs, including the ones that were under (pretty heavy at times) furniture.
It took about 3 weeks (we were told 3-4 weeks when the rugs were picked up) to get all the rugs cleaned and mended. The crew brought back the rugs to our home and placed them right back where they originally were (including moving furniture when necessary).
The rugs are now magnificent! They are actually cleaner that we bought them. They look like new - actually better than new. Fringes are white again and the rugs have a shine that was lost after years of dust. Edges were mended when appropriate and it's impossible to tell where the original damage was. Amazing job!
It was a real pleasure to deal with Amir and his crew. They were always on-time for appointments (actually early...), polite and knew exactly what they were doing when in our house. The work done on cleaning the rugs truly spoke for itself: perfect.
We could not expect better service or workmanship for our money. We would definitely deal with Karimi Rugs next time we have rugs to clean or mend. It may not happen for many, many, many years, but we highly recommend Karimi Rugs.
Michel Rogulski April 2013

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